Are you anxious to moving towards commitment?
Therapy can help you to explore and discuss your reservations and expectations.
Issues which arise from sharing your lives need openness and honesty in a caring environment.
Therapy can also help you understand how far your expectations match, and address the natural anxieties or doubts you may have.

You do not have to feel alone, we can offer support for individuals when relationships are affected, for example. trauma, addiction, childhood and family issues or depression.
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Sexual difficulties can occur any time and at any age. These can be of a medical nature, but they often result from emotional or conflicted situations. Stress and anxiety can also affect people in this way.
Specialist help is available in areas of sexual trauma, abuse, compulsivity and differences in desire
Practical help will include symptom relief.
For more detailed information, please use the word search function and therapist profiles.

Couples sometimes find it difficult to deal with changes in circumstances and the impact of certain life events
Do you find you are arguing and not able to move forward?
Are you having difficulties in communication?
As couple therapists we offer a non-judgemental environment that creates a safe and balanced space for both people.
We understand people have different definitions of what a good relationship is and how to create it. We can help you talk things through, and support your choices. For example when coping with affairs, betrayals and dependencies, we allow room to express the different emotions you are trying to face and to move forward to the best outcome.

Times of transitions in our lives can present challenges which can lead to fear and insecurity. Examples are; when children arrive or leave; when couples are approaching retirement or when health issues arise.
We are also aware that gender and sexuality identity transitions can prompt stress. We aim to support people with these concerns..

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